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The summer of 1942, James Roy Burkey met a girl that forever changed his life. Margaret was fearless, genuine, and to James’ eye – every bit of beautiful. They grew up in the same town, minutes away from each other, never having met before that summer.
Margaret was fifteen, still a girl herself, but with no doubt an absolute lady. She carried herself gracefully, with a hint of sass, knowing exactly what she wanted in the world. Margaret had no idea she would meet the love of her life at such a young age.

A business built on a love story close to Rebecca's heart. 

Margaret james photography


Margaret James

I believe photography is just as much about the experience as the images produced.  

I've always been creative with a love for details; from crafting up my first Valentine's Day box in grade school to planning my own wedding, details have always been at the forefront of my vision.
So, when I bought a camera - the leap of faith to turn this thing into a business was an easy one!   Now, I have the privilege of being a part of your special moments and that is something I am so thankful for!

A small town, dog loving, Dr. Pepper obsessed, wife turned photographer with big dreams.


Meet Rebecca

A photographer's job stems way beyond the pretty pictures.  Finding great light,  a beautiful location and posing you while capturing every moment is something that is expected.  What you will gain from me is much more than the end product.  On your special day, I am there to be your go to girl.  Your mind is everywhere, you're about to marry the love of your life and you don't have time to think about all the things you so long and planned for in the months leading up to this.  Your only job that day is to feel special, because you are - you're getting married!  You don't get a 'do over' on your wedding day, so we are there to make this one count.
By the time your day arrives, I will be well versed in all of your hopes, dreams and plans that you have for your wedding.  I will be there to fluff your dress, adjust your veil and capture all the moments in between.
Once the day has come to an end, you'll only have the memories that will once fade and the pictures to remember it by.  I want to ensure I capture every heartfelt and beloved detail for coming generations to look back on, in admiration of the love you and your now husband share.  
Regardless of the occasion, memories are meant to be captured.  Your future self will thank you for investing in them!

Margaret and Rebecca

I love you to the moon and back.


My Favorites

the wonderful details that make up my crazy, beautiful life.

yes, that was a kesha reference.

On August 4th, 2018, I was married to my best friend, long time crush and now husband - Andy.  He is the piece that makes my heart whole and my life full of laughter.


We have two beautiful Doberman pups, who happen to be biological brother and sister, that are our babies! They are full of energy but are always up for cuddles and puppy kisses.

03. our dogs - ace and piper

You could even go as far to call me a homebody. There's really no place like home! As chaotic as ours can be, I get the same feeling of walking through that door as I do when I pull a blanket right out of the dryer to cuddle up with.

02. home

OK, well maybe all sweets, desserts, etc.!  But blueberry muffins bring back memories that I wish I could go back to and soak in all of the love my Grandma Burkey had to give.

04. blueberry muffins