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With an intentional eye, Margaret James transforms love stories into timeless heirlooms. We create keepsakes that truly capture the essence of your wedding day. Instilling confidence in each client who steps in front of our lens allows us to deliver not only a gallery of beautiful images and a film that transports you back to your day, but a collection of everlasting memories and an unforgettable experience.

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Tailoring the experience to each unique couple, with a focus on the moments, details and emotions of your wedding day in order to tell your extraordinary love story and preserve your legacy.


It wasn't until my own wedding that I realized how important legacy is. Your wedding day becomes this fleeting moment that you so longed and planned for. While I love my wedding photos, the documentation of the meticulous details and small but meaningful moments were missing.

Today, my team and I work in tandem to capture timeless keepsakes that allow you to relive it all, with the ability to experience it as your day unfolds. With a quality over quantity mindset, each moment captured with the intention to tell your extraordinary love story. We realize that time is fleeting and that time spent with loved ones is one of life's most precious gifts. We understand when to take the lead and when to let moments happen on their own.

With us, your memories become tangible; heirlooms that retell your love story to your children and grandchildren as many times as they want to hear it. Margaret James allows your legacy to withstand the test of time.

I'm Rebecca and Margaret James is part of my legacy.

Wedding Photography & Videography

Our work is infused with warmth, elegance and genuine emotion, allowing us to create keepsakes that encapsulate your wedding day.

Whenever I look at our wedding pictures, I'm immediately taken back through the moments and feelings of the day, and most of all, the special people we got to share them with.

Classic and Timeless.

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