Kelly & Phill

June 18, 2019

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I pulled in behind PNC Park on Saturday and as I put my car in park, it started to rain. Not just a sprinkle but the wind was blowing the street side trees – it was not cute. I peaked at the weather and it had changed from no rain at 6pm to a 70% chance – how fun. BUT, my time with Kelly and Phill ended up being exactly that – FUN! By the time they arrived the rain had subsided. Kelly and Phill are such a fun loving and energetic couple, they were determined to make the absolute most of it! I had my clear umbrella’s in hand and we were ready to capture the love between them.

Kelly’s smile was so sweet and she even nailed the soft smile but one thing I love about this girl is her laugh! While it was just a soft sprinkle, we broke out the umbrella’s and captured Pittsburgh in all of it’s glory. The beautiful city and a stunningly cute couple in love is a recipe for absolute magic! I adore the black and white of them – so romantic! I won’t lie, I’ve always wondered how pictures in the middle of the bridge were taken. My ‘always try to be prepared’ self even googled if there were times the bridge was closed to traffic. Nope! You just have to catch the light at the right time and man, all the FEELS! I’m always impressed when the guy designs his girl’s ring. No exception for this one, Phill did such a good job. Kelly’s ring is gorgeous. One of my favorites!

Kelly and Phill, I had so much fun with you both – chatting, laughing and catching up like we were old friends! I couldn’t be happier for you guys. I can’t wait to get you your gallery!! Would you believe me if I said this isn’t even close to half of them?! These two were SO good in front of the camera and I’d be happy to have them again – anytime!



  1. Julie szalla says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous Photos.
    My Son, Phill and future daughter~in~law, Kelly look Amazing.
    You Truly captured their LOVE!!

  2. Louanne Davis says:

    So happy Phill has found his forever love. These pictures are just perfect and show an amazing couple. Blessings to you both.

  3. Curtis & Donna says:

    Love all the photos and all the love too!!!

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