Kelli & JJ

June 13, 2019

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I received a text from Kelli the day before our session – it was calling for rain (what else is new). She told me that regardless of the forecast, if I was willing, they would love to keep our scheduled time and were down to dance in the rain! Instantly, the scene from The Notebook came to mind (OK, maybe not as steamy) and I thought “UGH YES, let it rain!” Well, it didn’t rain but we still captured some swoon-worthy images. Kelli and JJ’s date is set for next August and I couldn’t be happier for them!


This has to be one of my favorites! Kelli and JJ killed it with the model stare.

I had heard through the grape vine that Kelli and JJ have been seen pulling off a run, jump, lift and I had to see it for myself. When you get a strong guy, you gotta make him lift his girl – repeatedly!

JJ designed Kelli’s ring all by himself and it is a stunner! He actually told me that he made it and I replied “no freaking way” thinking that he had, ya know, welded it or set the diamonds (however you make a ring). Until he corrected me saying that he designed it, either way – I’m impressed.

I was feeling the black and white more than usual when editing their session. There’s so much loving emotion between these two and black and white just helps bring that out even more. I love it!

Kelli’s daughter, Haley, was such a trooper through their session – barely making a peep and being my right-hand woman lugging my umbrella’s around just in case. I had to bring her in for a few. She has her mama’s beautiful blue eyes too! What a sweet family!

Kelli and JJ, it was so nice meeting you both! I had fun romping around in the fields with you and Haley. If another day comes and you’re willing to get in front of the camera again and it’s raining – call me!! I am still down to capture that.



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I'm Rebecca and Margaret James Photography is my Legacy. Thank you for being here!

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