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Sarah & Garrett


June 10, 2019

Last week, Sarah, Garrett and I disregarded the forecast and went onward with our plans for a Sunday evening session! Surprisingly, the sun appeared to give us some GLOW! Sarah’s smile was perfect and her giggle even got some genuine smiles out of Garrett. He was a trooper, even agreeing to change two times with THREE different outfits. Sarah, I think you have yourself a keeper! Their love for each other speaks for itself through these pictures!

It’s at the top of my list to get a handful of portraits of my couples smiling at the camera. While we love the candid and cuddly pictures, it’s always nice to have some that your parent’s and grandparent’s will appreciate too! This one is a favorite!    Sarah put her boots on and we were off to the tall grass. These ones might be my favorite from the evening. At one point, Garrett took the lead with posing and they were in their element – almost like they forgot I was there! SO sweet! This girl knows how to put an outfit together, that turquoise jewelry is everything!Sarah and Garrett, I had so much fun with you guys! Sarah, if we can ever get Garrett to agree to another session, let him know I’ll have the allergy meds handy! I can’t wait to get you your full gallery!!



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